Oxford meets Taiwan – in Oxford

BUMPED INTO a very nice guy in the Rose & Crown on North Parade recently.

He’s spent a fair amount of time in the lovely island of Taiwan – the old name was Formosa which means the beautiful island in Portuguese.  Not only is it a lovely island, the people are kind hearted.  It’s the computer industry that’s taken me to Taiwan but like Mike Busby, I’ve been to Hualien  and to the Taroko Gorge. That was too exciting!

They quite like Qwan Yin in Shanghai, too.

Here’s his set of paintings, they’re well worth a dekko. ♣

2 responses to “Oxford meets Taiwan – in Oxford

  1. thomasxstewart

    Great Chalk Drawings. Lasar Print Em, Plastic Seal & have GrandMother Sit Near Station & sell them, So Folksie.

    Next: When Was in elemtary school, Did report/booklet on Taiwan. It Was Primitive Island, With typical Huts & Canabulism, Then Chang Ki Shek got thrown Out of China by MAO. Chang Moved Armyto Taiwan, Where Millions of Natives where Slaughtered. US Gave assistance, With Hon Hubert Humphrey AS Sponsor of Milatary games.

    Now Fascinating part of my life. Had Called encyclopedia Britanica for info & Wrote China(Taiwan) Embassy. who Shows Up, Chang Ki Shek. As Told, My Dad Was Involved in formation of Control Data, After Milatary Service & SomeHow Two Linked rings. It May Be taiwan Wold NOT Be Doing computing if it wern’t for That Paper.

    On FaceBook, there are 8 Chaing ki sheks, none posting. Well Shek Name Is Power In orient & Ho che Minh Was Coming Up. So thought, Hummm, Ho Shek Minh. Minh being Minnesota & used Monacur’ since.

    Taiwan Has NO Price Control, government Is Actually Consortium of trade association, Computers being one. Like So Much of world, taiwan went from Cave era To 21st Century In 50 years.

    Signed:Most Honoura
    ble HO SHEK MINH. friend of minah, My -weepDeceased TurTle.

  2. speaking of seo-

    no- mike just wanted to say congrats on techeye. looks chipper. i am almost there w/ my jasager (warning pits, ymmv) and pondering giac, sans, cissp, lpi. almost bootstrapped a colo and I am sick about it. kick it a couple mos down line and i should be starting to rise from ashes…colo is even sort of a pittance- 25/mo
    so i am extremely optimistic for the year. i am going to do some selling for sure. hopefully building some kit too. I have some mashups and am looking for open source dba of sorts. BW, authoritative blocks of ips, cidr, peering agreements, p2p search, probably some new stuff too. i am engineeredcomp on twitter
    glad to see you on there now too.
    I see you taking the ring back from fudo, just get some graphics and get some editorials from darren kitchen and mubix…..if you could steal n from inq then that is it, the bank is closed!


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