I visit the Ashmolean

DIDN’T HAVE time to see very much, it’s true. But there’s lots of great things there and I’m going back.

3 responses to “I visit the Ashmolean

  1. Don’t forget the Pitt-River’s museum – seriously strange and disturbing.

  2. thomasxstewart

    Fine Copper & Silver Patina to Ram s. RA Has Fifie Rays, Mikes’ i Has only 36.

    Notice elephantitus in Amen Ra, Is turning into huge white corpusle. Incurable Is another term.

    Maybe basin Is Foot Washing bowl. Farsi Edging being way to prolong cleaning as onecontemplates theLAW.

    Once Medical School Friend Came back from Egypt with Ancient small ceramic ampules, One had resin Still in it & That Finger Clipping size Resin
    was Opium. four Thousand year old, opiate.

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