We open TechEye to the world

JEEPERS, CREEPERS, where did you get those peepers? Jeepers, creepers, where did you get those eyes?

And so JAM IT Media – that’s J(ames), A(llan) and M(ike) started a UK tech site today called www.techeye.net.  We’re hoping it’s going to be sort of the All Seeing Eye on technology.

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  1. thomasxstewart

    Recently Spotted In theINQ:

    Dakotian Profit Predicts Mike Magee Will Start New EZine….
    Thats Right, Being Prophet Means Predicting Past & Mikes Good Few Hours Into New EZine, One with Some Heady Staff, EG Mike Magee
    Nick Farrell
    Fernando Cassia
    Tony Dennis
    Tamlin Magee
    Alexandra Pullin http://www.techeye.net/
    Tom Foremski , Oh tHeres Link:
    Mike Magee – editor

    Mike Magee founded The Register and The Inquirer. He sold the Inquirer to VNU three years ago. Mike has been a journalist for many years and pioneered online journalism. He was recently listed as the 35th most influential person in IT in the UK by the Daily Telegraph. You can find him on twitter, linkedin and facebook. Ahso Two Other friends James Crowley – head geek & Allan for Ads.

    James founded the software developer site, Developer Fusion back in 1999

    When Its’ HOT, Its’ Blazing Saddles HOT.
    File under REDLESS Yet Bombastic. theINQ reader Shirley Will Die If Eyes Touch Black type of Pharohs Eye. New Aurora Has Encased Earth, Tamlin wrote Here & Nick Still does. Tom Has Own Zine & BIG Name. The reader Weaps & Stutters: Will drashek Be there, HELL NO.However, Fernando Cassia Is Another INQ Writer. Basicly Its Conglomeration From FB Friends of Mikes.

    posted by : Ultee’ Power…., 15 January 2010

  2. Nick Farrell. *Really?*

  3. thomasxstewart

    Ai, Synthetic Brains. Watch What Happens when turn Sand Drivers On:

    *7^4 B 7%%RxsaI. SHORT FOR: i.

    Ahhh, Feel So Accelerated Now. Anyway Hope its Great Zine & Fb Posts did Some good. Hows Feel to Be back In Captains Chair, Captain….

    Each Success Brings Higher Scores & Bettter Product. From Start i Has Leading edge Component, Its’ Staff.

  4. Straight out of the well of immortality (Iona) Xx

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