Blue Moon spotted in Oxford

THE DEMON Rahu was eating at the tail of the full Blue Moon last night, but she didn’t seem that perturbed.

Because in a short space of time Rahu fled and the Moon in its glory shone high in the sky, although of course it was jolly cold.

One response to “Blue Moon spotted in Oxford

  1. Hi Mike… I am always amazed at your site everytime I go on it… I always find what I am looking for..

    Please if you give any talks about tantra or any related subjects of interest in London, let me know.. would love to meet you.. and buy you a drink!!

    I’m doing an art project at the moment on the Mahavidyas. Painting, drawing them, assimilating them… I saw them all in Kamakhya last January, but some are hard to grasp..
    if you have any direction to give me to obtain more info I’d be grateful.

    Thanks and Happy New Year… the Blue Moon was extraordinary for me, powerful!


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