Love is all you need on Carnaby Street. And money

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and money money money. That’s all you need on Carnaby Street in Soho.

But meanwhile, on the north east corner of Soho, quite a few old watering places, including the Bath House, appear to be scheduled for the knacker’s yard because they’re going ahead building Crossrail.

A real shame.

Here’s Carnaby Street and its Christmas decks. ♦

One response to “Love is all you need on Carnaby Street. And money

  1. What a shame that they’re going to blow all the boozers on Carnaby street away, to make way for Crossrail. London is great at reinventing itself though. What is the best pub to have a drink in next wednesday – First drink of 2010 in Soho anyone?

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