Slim pickings for the duck on icy Oxford pond

THE THAW came to Oxford two days ago, but not everything has melted. Here’s a duck that’s having problems scraping together a meal on the pond in the park. (N51°45’51.84″, W1°14’57.12″)

3 responses to “Slim pickings for the duck on icy Oxford pond

  1. Just Few Months Ago, Drake was Gosling. birds give birth almost continuously throughout Short Lives & Pictured was born Bit Late.

    In England, Big Break Is Weather Is Very Mild. Soon Enough Momma duckie will Be waddling with New brode &ALL will Be happy On UK Pond.

    Sing Gray Duck Song. Its’ Quackers.


  2. Correction:Worlds first transGender duck:

    some areas a female duck is called a duck with the male duck being referred to as a drake.


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