Daily Archives: December 17, 2009

North Parade, Oxford surprises once again

GOOD OLD North Parade.  It’s so good they named it once.

I was alerted to the fact something was going on by the fact that loud alarums and tuba players were filtering through my not very thick windows – it’s -4 Celsius here tonight.

Naturally, I investigated. What was going on? Here’s the video.

Charming, no? After the lasses had finished their last song, one of them turned round, put her candle down and burst into bitter tears. Her friends all rallied round. “What’s the matter? What’s the matter?”  The matter, it transpired, is she was very very cold indeed.

And it is. We couldn’t take a proper snap of Santa Claus on our SnackBerry, but here’s one we snapped earlier in the same street.  Tashi Ji, from the R&C, was serving food in the street in his shirtsleeves. He’s a Sherpa. Must seem like summer to him… Σ

To ye olde Cheshire Cheese, to ruminate

THE GUYS AT Sourcewire have kept up a really fab tradition first started by Bill Moores, so long ago that no-one can recall the earliest ones cos most of them are dead.

This is the scene.  The Cheshire Cheese, in Fleet Street, formerly home to UK newspaperdom, was refurbished in 1667. It offers Sam Smith drinks and simple but stodgy fare. It starts at 12 midday and proceeds in a disorderly direction until the money runs out. It’s an event for journos.

Bill is now in Brazil, and runs a hotel with his wife Sue, but Sourcewire maintains the tradition faithfully.

I like to sit on the landing rather go down into the bullpit because I can see who comes in and who goes out. Plus I can nip upstairs pretty damn quick for a fag. Usually the rest of the Cheshire Cheese, at this time of year, is buzzing but yesterday the whole place apart from the hackfest, was eerily empty for the week before Christmas.

The Sourcewire guys went round snapping all and sundry, and you can view a lot of the faces here.

* And the guys made a video of some of the usual suspects, below.