Ashmolean opens tomorrow. North Parade refurbed

THE ASHMOLEAN museum opposite the Randolph Hotel opens tomorrow, I’m looking forward to browsing through it at my leisure.

See this piece on TGD, here.

If you’re in Oxford, check out the Pitt Rivers museum too – it’s full of strange strange things like poppets and shrunken heads.

No shrunken heads in North Parade, where I live.  But they have widened the pavements in a strange chicane sort of way. No, I don’t work for the Oxford Tourist Board.

One response to “Ashmolean opens tomorrow. North Parade refurbed

  1. thomasxstewart

    Been to Oxford Medical School. Think of Gristling thangies One Could Make & Sell Vending On Street….Hey-Sell Scalps to Indians.


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