They do their atria so well in the USA

SO FOR THE first time in must be 16 or 17 years ago, we find ourselves in Austin, Texas.

The last time here, it was with IBM and they still were waxing lyrical about OS/2, bless it.

This time it’s with AMD, and I’m esconced in the Hyatt Regency, which has an atrium to be admired, with lifts whizzing up and down on the inside like there’s no tomorrow.

There is a tomorrow. Here’s a view of the inside of the hotel. We’re not far from the bridge of a million bats but we haven’t got to see them yet.


7 responses to “They do their atria so well in the USA

  1. Hey Mike, you should come by my shop! Tek Republik on Burnet Road!

  2. thomasxstewart

    Cave Right by Shopping Mall. DrugStore there, while don’t Like script Written On Toilet Paper, Its’ there Business.

    TS vondrashek

  3. OS2 – yeah! We still had an OS2 box at the place I just left, it ran like a charm, day in, day out. Great operating system.

  4. thomasxstewart

    O/S 2 Was written way back in 1964 by Mensa in Chicago,Ill for IBM. Thats Prime reason its so Impossible, mensa being soooo Smart. Finally hit public in ~1988. gives clue what Technician had to Grapple With Every Day.


  5. thomasxstewart,

    Bullshit. OS2 was conceived, designed, and implemented by Charles Proteus Steinmetz, with version 1.0 becoming operative in late 1885.

  6. Does that even sound possible charlie steinmetz w/proteus. Good Greek Jewish boy from france? Stienway of chicago. anyway sure its copyright deal & if you look about, you’ll find Mensa still sells new copies of O/S2 & its also Chicago address that sends out O/S2 theres LOTS of TS Stuff in Computing, You just got Frosting, Cake Deeper underneath. If you b ibm, would you want your name on that?


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