Hill and Knowlton screw up@Hackenflacks awards

THE FLACKENHACK awards are some sort of PR gig where the booze runs out early.

I’ve been to one. Lest you have any doubts about this, PRs, generally speaking, despise journalists. Mike Hardwidge didn’t, and Bill Moores doesn’t, but they are totally exceptional.

At an Intel Developer Forum a few years back, my son was standing near the front of the piano bar when one Dan Snyder walked in. My son was then a hack but Dear Dan didn’t know that.

The minute he walked in and saw me, he said “f***** Mike Magee, f***** Mike Magee.”

Tazz is a bit of a rebel. Heck he’s doing PR these days. So when he went to the Flackenhack Awards the other day, he bumped into a spinner from Hill & Knowlton,  a spinner for the Intel Corporation, and asked him what he thought of Mike Magee.

“He’s a f***** t***”, said the spinner. Why’s that, asked my son, faux innocently. “He totally screwed us at the Intel Developer Forum,” said the H&K guy. “He’s my dad,” said Tazz.

Funny how things come around in the end, eh?  Heck. ♥

5 responses to “Hill and Knowlton screw up@Hackenflacks awards

  1. yesbutnobutyesbut… I was up for an award at the Hackenjackenflapjackhacks and didn’t even get invited.

    Now that’s style!

  2. He called you a tart?

  3. H&K may be able to screw the US congress, but they can’t screw you. You should become POTUS! :D

  4. Ah, well now, admittedly, it was a little bit, as your son said, like that. There was some pop (bottles of) involved (such as is the nature of the beast) and the logistical situation, in country, was a little awkward. Umm, shall I eat it and die now? Yes, thought so. Thanks. All the best to Tamlin – good egg.

  5. must be ‘twit’, –tart it’nt really sweet, innit?

    no! what was I thinking?

    He called you a
    “Flashy Tika”, oh.

    H&K is big in govmnts right now.

    Yes it is,
    yes it is,
    yes it is,
    yes it is,
    It’s Time for a climate control change

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