You got to search for the HTC Hero inside yourselves

MET MY son last night in the Coach & Horses, Great Marlborough Street – a pub that holds many memories for me. I can’t tell you about them all.

In true rebellious spirit, Tazz is now a spinner trying to sell stories to us hacks. But he was greatly enthused by his HTC Hero phone.

It’s got the tilt and spin an iPhone has but better than that, there’s dozens of apps that are free – such as a metal detector yeah. And it works. He tried it on the metal plate in my right leg and it worked. He tried it on my sapphire ring yeah and it worked. It doesn’t just detect ferro-magnetic materials.

It didn’t find the few gold coins I hide up my bum in case of emergencies. That’s good!

2 responses to “You got to search for the HTC Hero inside yourselves

  1. thomasxstewart

    Had TM on Facebook, ALL Posts are Music. Missed Boat by NOT trying University. Looks like chip off ole block.


  2. so the goodlooks run the family, eh? yeah and it works, a good Tamlineage.

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