Bosch Bosch! Bosch promotes kids’ interest in science, engineering

A PROJECT sponsored by the Royal Academy of  Engineering and sponsored by Bosch really captures our interest, a lot.

The Bosch Technology Horizons Award is an essay writing competition aimed at young people aged between 14 and 24. It’s in its fifth year.

The idea is that a short essay encourages the kids to explore engineering and technology topics – the subject this year being “Is engineering and technology essential for future development?”

The competition has two age categories – 14 to 18 and 19 to 24 years old. First prize for the younger group is £700 and second place $350.

The older group attracts a first prize of £1,000 and a second prize of £500 – there are five runner up prizes in both categories.

The deadline is the 22nd March 2010.

CEO of the Royal Academy of Engineering Phillip Greenish said: “Advances in engineering have formed the cornerstone of civilisation and responsible development in the future will rely heavily on engineers and technologists.”

Enthusiastic youngsters should go here to discover more.

One response to “Bosch Bosch! Bosch promotes kids’ interest in science, engineering

  1. thomasxstewart

    Wonder what Youth Will Invent. Did You Know Vulture Is Symbol of MUT. Back In Studio days had shop named: Waxing Moon Candle co. Moon Is source of False Light.

    The goddess Mut, sometimes depicted as a vulture, was the wife of Amun, god of wind and the breath of life. She was also mother of the moon god Khonsu

    Invent or Perplex, its FUN idea.


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