Only in Oxford: an occasional series

WE HAVE IT ON very reliable authority that when Al Murray tips up at Borders later this month, the resident landlord will not be unrelated to the landlord of the Rose & Crown on North Parade.

Oxford is always messing about with roads and pavements. Here’s a helpful piece of advice if you want to get run over on the crossing between the Randolph Hotel and the Ashmolean. It appears to be on the deck.


2 responses to “Only in Oxford: an occasional series

  1. Instead of his book tagline:
    “Think yourself British”,
    My Tagline:
    “Drink yourself British”


    Eh? Well I’m not your bleeting landlord, either…


  2. thomasxstewart New Mike Magge whos’ Mad. And New Versions: Blind Mike Mike You didn’t ask poor Person To Change Name, Did You?
    Quoteth of Lore:”true path to national championships. They loosely side with Tollner’s boss, athletic director Mike (sometimes known as Mad Mike) McGee,….”
    Commander Mike McGee agrees that ‘the temperature of the Black Community is near boiling mad …
    Oh, Ohhhh,,,,Ole Salamander Mike….

    OK, bye Now Drashek PPs Now be good time to write aanad, way you snuck into Bangalore & found 2.4 billions breadbasket of Intel, Slipped Out of MAD Fanbouy & appear to be more, well, even. its rank thanhguee’ commandererer.


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