Daily Archives: October 2, 2009

How strange to be a Daddy Long Legs

THERE’S A Daddy Long Legs – a Crane Fly –  sitting on the window of the Tower of Light, most beautiful creature when you look at it closely.

It’s been a leatherjacket for quite some time, gnawing away at grass roots, and then it’s pupated and now it’s flying. It’s so fragile that when you catch one in a house, you have to be careful that its long legs don’t just fall off.

Hard time to fly too, it being autumn and the spiders growing and growing, just waiting for a Daddy Long Legs to fly into a web. No doubt that’s why the legs fall off so easily.

What must it be like to be grubbing around for ages, going to sleep for a while and then finding you’re out in the open air, ready to fly?

There’s still a little wasp flying round here, looking for victims to kill and take back to the nest. Wasps get a very bad press – they only start bugging people when the grubs stop being produced by the queen of the nest and the workers don’t get their sugar ration.

I can’t remember being in my mother’s womb, and I doubt the Crane Fly knows any more than me.


MY FORMER EDITOR@ tgdaily.com has started a new site with stacks of writers.

That lovely man Wolfgang Gruener has created the site. It’s called Single Parent Gossip, and it’s here.

I’m not sure about this Celtic blackberries thing – perhaps it’s because I’m from Pictland. Mostly we collected the brambles in Pictland around about August, near Dyce Airport.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is wrong, however. I am not a TG Daily reader, just a writer.