Faces of San Francisco

A ROOM WITH A VIEW. And the view changes at different times during the day.


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  1. Great Rainbow effect. Cousins run Marriott near Waterfront, around or past Chinatown, their names are Steve & Lorean.
    Your Looking at, Sausalito, believe. Right behind building on other side of BAY up bit from sausalito is where Grace Slick Lives in Tiburon, next is Mill Valley, Where Palm ?Started or does Mfg. Way in Distance, Out of sight except low hills way back there is MY Stetson Ranch, in San Rafael. Near NorthGate Mall, Which David Crosby IS Part of. Grace Has Pet store & drug Store. Grace Always wears Jacket with Save animals Painted on it. David Kantner Is in Tiburon too.

    so many Tales, Fort Guthrie above Left side, near Golden Gate. Pict must be near Market St. few blocks in other ?direction.

    At least confidant that its NOT Hudson Bay. Waldos Grade Is over there. National GateWay Park. SF Stock exchange near photo. So Is Brandon Street, Where Psychadelic Sound Studios where., about 1/2 mile further from Market.

    Its Lovely Town & Nice People. was On French frigate on Docks in 1991. Newsman named FishBaum had Heart Attact on Board, Saw some confusion & cameras, maybe French Don’t take to Camera crews on Missile frigates. Latter in news figured out what must have been. So theres sights everywhere. Blacks? or beach Under Bridge IS Nudist beach. While over bridge Muir Beach people have SEX openly on Beach. Near Muir Woods nat’l Park. theres SPY Log Cabin Bar & resturant nearby, maybe in your pages somewhere.

    Could of taken subway to Everywhere. Some famous English explorer claimed area in 1640 or so. there Olympi Ranch from John Charles Fremont on route to Petaluma & you can almost see China Beach Park, its got examples of Chinese Fishing from thousands of years ago to 1900, when dept of Agriculture closed most of camps, Slave terminal islands, Californians where hauled off from ALL over ShoreLine, & sacraento River empties Into BAY, & Out of Sight. South or on backside Is Silicon Valley about 40 Miles. Sausalito Had hanging Judge whom Always wore Tuxedo In Court, On Front Porch of Hon Judges Home. There was mens warehouse nearby in TEAK & English style that Stephen Spielberg took to OWN Home, when it Closed. So Many Stars In Marin County, County of Producer. Now its Computing Even Mooor.


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