Fallen, fallen is Babylon

SHE WHO has made all the nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. Come out of her my people says the Lord – that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues.


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  1. Although MORE People Read Poster’ biblical Cut & Paste, Something tells Me Seperating Testees from Testor Isn’t right.


  2. I read the news today oh boy

  3. More S.F.
    South of San Francisco on Bay is large GAS reserve, Amtrak Cuts thru it, with OLd Lodges Scattered About everywhere, Now Large GAS Pipes Run Helter Skelter thru CatTails. Homes Sinking into BAY.

    Its Errie World. Where Nothing Lives AnyMore, yet Once Did Plentyfully. Bolina Is city above Muir Woods & Site of Alfred Hitchcock Film “theBIRDS”. Resource Map shows Entire county Crisscrossed with Oil Lines, ALL gone, Now.
    Marin was Home of Mewok Indians, rounded Up by Catholic Priest & forced to Fill in thousand year old Canals, then Sold to ASian Ships. There are NO Mewoks Surviving. Waldos Grade Was Road Bandit hangout above sausilito & there was actually NO Exit from Grade that hocked to NoWhere. Peoples thought it route to crossing to S.F, yet waters of
    Bay Opening are Way too rough, even today for any boat.

    grace Slicks Family Owned Band Stand or Now Gazebo, sitting at Ferry Terminal in Tiburon.
    Those parties that in 1940s’ during WAR ,more than person died at each event, buried along ditch going to San Quenton. San Quenton is Fantastically Huge prison, Being close to Concentration Camp In Every Way, They Go In, Yet Seldom return. After 2 years, ALL prisoners have heart Cut out & upon completion of Sentence, Replacement assasin returns to Prisoners Family.

    NOB Hill has Embassies & 91210 TV Show is Named after Transmission Tower Mountain zip code in theCITTY.
    Paladin stayed in Carlton Hotel in 1875. Town had become So Corrupt that 1906 earthquake & fire where enhanced by Army. John Charles Fremont has Hosienda in George Mason Park. Taken in 1865 By Army for Freeing Slaves in St.Louis,Mo, While Applying Marshall Law.
    Phrase JCF Coined: “If Your Alive, Your Free”.


  4. BTW, Paladins Wife- Hey Girl, lived accross street from Carlton Hotel, with Hey
    Girl Fathers, shop keeper. Heres Extra clue. TERM TS means TRADE SHOP. thats TOP SECRET. MNost of Paladins travels where TS Ventures to secure resources & Goods made in outlying areas, with strong Moral Story

    Hey Girls Brother HEY BOY Worked in Carlton Hotel . In ALL Made Arresting Family In LawLess Land.


  5. Although Detectives opinion Hey Boy was Kim Chang & Kim Lee was Hey Girl, Kim Song was ?Paladin.
    Kim Lee Lived at: 49 Powell Room 9. Chang, Lee & Song Exchaged rooming, with Mandrian Oriental Gallaries W, Chung Prop, Being Museum Shop & Carlton, Its Furnishing. Trips to orient, where most Likely to ships Supplying chinatown, Payment for Criminals Taken in.

    When Hurt Smart Kitten Will Have Fury of Tiger. Yet Strength of Only kitten.

    Most of chinese whom where promised Gold, Worked Building railroads.


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