Where’s Pat Gelsinger? campaign begins

A NAUGHTY JOURNALIST here in the Moscone centre spent some time using the whiteboards to write Where’s Pat?

These were all carefully erased by the Gelsinger Thought Police because we’re not here to talk about Kicking Pat Gelsinger now he’s gone.  So here’s Mad Mike Mageek in front of a whiteboard writing Where’s Pat in Hindi.

This one has stayed up for a long time. But no doubt pretty soon now someone will get round to erasing this too.



pingback: Tom Foremski

One response to “Where’s Pat Gelsinger? campaign begins

  1. Your Beginning to Look Like CHESTER. NEXT, LONG BEARDED MAD MIKE, WELL, WITHIN NEXT 20 YEARS. ahso, werry Wise.

    Cocaine Ages People, Although Dental Mouth Wash Has been used for centuries, its RED Face, Due to Dialation of Capalarlies when exposed to Poison, leaves Char Grined Speaker.

    Does this mean Pat=Mike? Leave it to DICK TRACY to Find Truth Behind MASK.

    Exhaustion, Gangsters Best Friend….


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