Only in Oxford, only in Oxford

OUTSIDE THE RANDOLPH HOTEL in Oxford, a purportedly five star hotel and opposite the Ashmolean, due to re-open real soon now, we spotted a different kind of marriage carriage.


Yes, an auto rickshaw – just like in Bangalore!

And then, outside the HSBC bank on Cornmarket, this! Sorry for the sound quality – watch the moves!

3 responses to “Only in Oxford, only in Oxford

  1. Is not that sort of conveyance called a “Tuk-tuk?”
    I thought that Rickshaws are powered by a man running. Not so?

  2. Yeah, tuk-tuk in most of Asia but not India. Cycle rickshaws still plentiful but human rickshaws are, I think, a relic, thanks god.

  3. Thanks for the correction!

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