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Those Intel Developer Forum snaps we dare not show

THERE ARE ALWAYS unexpected things happening at the Intel Developer Forum. But on their own they’re not always newsworthy.


We don’t know who owns the shoes. But we know where he got his shoes. On the pavement.


Spotted just outside Annabelle’s, opposite the Marriott.


Worried about swine flu? Some people obviously were and so Intel provided a way of cleaning your hands before you went in.

Oh, and I’ve just been over to the Rose & Crown@North Parade. One of the regulars said: “Enjoy San Francisco?” I said yeah. He said: “It’s just that Ravi was there and the first bar he was in he spotted you at the other end.”

There was a big cardiovascular event going on in San Francisco – around 15,000 people attended. We guess Ravi was at that one, rather than the Intel gig. We’ll find out.  [We found out, he was. The bar was the Marriott bar. He said: “You were with Intel”. Well, in a way, yeah.]

Oh, and a shot of part of our hotel room. Yes, we certainly live a wonderful life. ♥


Faces of San Francisco

A ROOM WITH A VIEW. And the view changes at different times during the day.


Fallen, fallen is Babylon

SHE WHO has made all the nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. Come out of her my people says the Lord – that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues.


The skedyule@IDF is punishing


Where’s Pat Gelsinger? campaign begins

A NAUGHTY JOURNALIST here in the Moscone centre spent some time using the whiteboards to write Where’s Pat?

These were all carefully erased by the Gelsinger Thought Police because we’re not here to talk about Kicking Pat Gelsinger now he’s gone.  So here’s Mad Mike Mageek in front of a whiteboard writing Where’s Pat in Hindi.

This one has stayed up for a long time. But no doubt pretty soon now someone will get round to erasing this too.



pingback: Tom Foremski

Today I saw a Punjabi car

I’D never seen a Punjabi car, but I did today – just in the parking area of the Marriott San Francisco*, that testament to the wickedness of window cleaners.

The word Punjab – the state in India –  comes from two words meaning five rivers – panch or pancha (Skt) being the number five and giving rise to our own word for a bunch of fives – punch.

Shouldn’t the owner of this vehicle do something about the wheel nuts that have gone missing on this super duper car?


* I hear my reader ask why the Marriott San Francisco is a testament to the wickedness of window cleaners. Well, because it has a super viewing area on the top floor but the windows don’t seem to get cleaned that often. They’re grubby. I guess I wouldn’t want the job of climbing to the top with my chamois leather, but the Marriott Group should maybe have thought of that before they built the glass tower.

** See Also – Bangalore is a crazy drive.

Bugger Bognor: George V

WHILE I’M in San Francisco I am staying part of the time at the strangely titled George V Hotel in Mason.

George V was a freemason, AFAIK a 33° mason, but I can’t spot any sign of the floor being made of black and white tiles and the only aprons I can spot seem to be worn by the maids. But he’s not listed on this page, unlike his daddy Edward VI, and his son Edward VIII, so maybe that’s apocryphal – like Bugger Bognor.

This George, according to Whackypedia anyway, was famous for shooting things including tigers and well, just about anything that moved.

He also collected stamps – big time.

He’s also famous for his apocryphal last words – apparently when he was ill and was told he would be soon well enough to visit Bognor Regis again, he said “Bugger Bognor”.

The hotel named after him in San Francisco  is called King George and was opened in 1914. Why, we don’t know, except that he was the reigning British monarch at that time.

Another famous George, of course was George III – who seemed to let the United States slip through his fingers.  George II defeated the forces of Bonnie Prince Charlie at Culloden and is not fondly remembered north of the border, by many.

What a load of Georges! And what a sprinkling of Edwards! The Hanoverian dynasty in the time of George V and during the First World War changed its Germanic name  to Windsor.

According to Britannica, King George V was distinguished by no exercise of social gifts, by no personal magnetism, by no intellectual powers. He lacked intellectual curiosity and only later in life acquired some measure of artistic tastes. “He was, in other words, exactly like most of his subjects.”

Here’s a view from my room in the King George hotel. Not much to see here either.


Whisky galore!

YEAH. Compton McKenzie was quite some guy and ended up in Herm, on the Channel Islands, a place full of dolmens and menhirs.

And here is a link to Whisky Galore.

Bath is Aquae Svlis, wonder why?

THE ROMANS didn’t bother with Oxford – they lived on the hills, Oxford was and is a flood plain. But they didn’t half like Bath (Aquae Svlis) when they trudged down west.

First Western Direct, or whatever they’re called now, is a pretty crap railway but by dint of perseverence we had a train sandwich between two buses to get down to Bath. The tourists shunted from Oxford train station onto a bus looked suitably bemused, but we knuckled down to the journey, no problem!

Here, first of all, is The Huntsman, where we duly gave the talk we gave – a nice pub with a beautiful front and an upstairs room where the carpet was just that bit tacky. Are you wondering what we talked about? Go no further than Shiva Shakti Mandalam – the audience was wonderful, the occasion was sundar and we were so welcomed into Aquae Sulis it lifted our soul. If I have one, that is.


Just round the corner was the Roman baths – the Centurions loved this stuff. Can’t think why.

Bath is in a bowl, innit?


The compulsory bit of video is required, naturally. See if you can spot Alex Bennett asking a local copper for directions.

A sadhu from Hampi