Monthly Archives: August 2009

Buddleia bush defies gravity

AH THE LOVELY BUDDLEIA – one of the most intelligent plants in the world, bar the potato. It attracts butterflies, those lovely flying flowers that burn our brains with such bright colours!

Look how intelligent this particular Buddleia is, bang outside my front door. It’s managing to grow horizontally and I’m so vertically challenged I can easily walk underneath it.


Me and my beans on toast

I’d buy a Beehaus but I ain’t got room

MY MATERNAL grandfather was a champion bee keeper and won numerous gongs for it, and if I’d room for these here Beehauses, I’d buy a couple.

Bees are groovy creatures and I’d go out of my way to do them a favour, because they do us so many favours but get little acclaim for their efforts.


Go here and here for more details of the Beehaus. It costs not far off £500 so you’re going to have to be pretty serious about this to go ahead with it.  Not so sure I’d want to wear the groovy gear to keep yourself from getting stung though some say I’d look a whole lot better completely covered up. 

Omniglot: One of my favourite sites

IF YOU CLICK on this link it will take you to Omniglot – a large site that explores a huge number of languages, alphabets and scripts from all the way across the world. And from outer space and heaven too – because Klingon and Enochian are there too.

The Alphabets page is also jolly interesting and includes a number of extinct alphabets such as Orknon (Turkic runes) and Etruscan.

A nice feature of the languages pages is that many of them contain valuable links to other sites related to a particular tongue as well as a sample text based on Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Rights.

There’s frequently a recording of the text in the original language too as well as links to fonts for the particular script. It’s a great place to hang out and browse.