One’s a cloud, three’s a matrix

AIRCRAFT VAPOUR trails are now a recognised cloud type and here’s a few in the sky above the Rose & Crown public house in Oxford.


Nearer Heathrow Airport, it gets far worse.


2 responses to “One’s a cloud, three’s a matrix

  1. thomasxstewart

    From: ARCHIEKINS’ Mysteries. C DRASHEK 2013

    All Potato Take Command from Great Potato.

    Night of Living Potato. Microwave DAT ‘tato.
    From Little Town Know As RiverDale.



  2. Aircraft pollution evidence AGAIN. I know what you see is water, but it shows where the engine combustion products are too.

    Vapour trails change the earth’s albedo, delaying the effects of global warming and allowing some people to claim it isn’t so bad after all.

    I suggest taxing aviation fuel at the same or greater rate as road fuel (it does more damage in the high atmosphere so should be taxed higher). That would stop some frivolous flying.


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