Dearie me day over at the INQUIRER

DEARIE, DEARIE me. Read the comments below this story on my old organ.

8 responses to “Dearie me day over at the INQUIRER

  1. Yeah, it just isn’t the same anymore. I stopped reading it after you left.

  2. Mike do you know if Sylvie has left the Inq? If she’s working somewhere else, I’d like to follow her work. I’m glad that Andrew Thomas is back in his form over at TGDaily. I miss Nick Booth, too. Thank aether that Nick Farrell works so much. Barring having all the band back together, I guess I’ll have to follow the splinters.

  3. Sylvie has left the INQ. She’s moved to California, last time I spoke to her she said she had something in the offing but couldn’t say what then. Yes, it all is a bit splintered, isn’t it?

  4. Splintered? Yeah, that’s one way of putting it.

    It’s definitely not worth reading anymore.

  5. I still read the inq. however it has gone downhill, I also can’t email, links/potential news etc, like you I to (I tried and emails returned), but meh, i’ll keep the gossip to myself now

  6. should read “like I used to”

    Mike I need to be able to edit comments :)

  7. Unfortunately, the INQ has fallen apart mainly because they allowed for their opinions and allegiances to influence their articles as opposed to the truth. Too many people like Charlie and Sylvie allowed for their personal opinions to dictate how they wrote the story. Which is understandable, but the problem is that when the whole site basically becomes an opinion section… you lose credibility.

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