Buddleia bush defies gravity

AH THE LOVELY BUDDLEIA – one of the most intelligent plants in the world, bar the potato. It attracts butterflies, those lovely flying flowers that burn our brains with such bright colours!

Look how intelligent this particular Buddleia is, bang outside my front door. It’s managing to grow horizontally and I’m so vertically challenged I can easily walk underneath it.


2 responses to “Buddleia bush defies gravity

  1. thomasxstewart

    Not so sure about growing straight out of brick wall, however, plant grows into light, gravity has not much to do with it. If plant where smart it wouldn’t grow upwards, as water is harder to sponge upwards.

    Plant will NEVER grow into dark. When seedling, many do grow down & die from lack of light. theres NO consciousness in it, just light stimulating growth.


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