Me and my beans on toast

2 responses to “Me and my beans on toast

  1. thomasxstewart

    Notice first comment:”THIS IS My kitchen”, like viewer is unwelcomed intruder. next NO Dishwasher, How UN civilized. Marlboro, MIKE, enough poison in one box to set person back week.

    Map, does it have Common Spaces & it is nice stairwell railing. Looks like MARS in Picture on Mantle..
    Seems NO One has much orderlyness, perhaps too busy. Skip Gin, (Is It BEEFEATER) & cigs & try b balanced comples, its called B-50. You’ll feel better than all that crude, plus once your in good spirits, BAD medicine can fully release then in gush you seek. mIKE mCkINNON.


  2. You are a mad mad mad man Mageek.

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