Omniglot: One of my favourite sites

IF YOU CLICK on this link it will take you to Omniglot – a large site that explores a huge number of languages, alphabets and scripts from all the way across the world. And from outer space and heaven too – because Klingon and Enochian are there too.

The Alphabets page is also jolly interesting and includes a number of extinct alphabets such as Orknon (Turkic runes) and Etruscan.

A nice feature of the languages pages is that many of them contain valuable links to other sites related to a particular tongue as well as a sample text based on Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Rights.

There’s frequently a recording of the text in the original language too as well as links to fonts for the particular script. It’s a great place to hang out and browse.

2 responses to “Omniglot: One of my favourite sites

  1. thomasxstewart

    DRASHEKspeak, heavenly sent lingual, is so copyrighted that drashek removal tool, one that slices better part of everything behind readers eyes out, is another wonderful invention. its for crime of reading DRASHEK.

    Of course, those other languages where bigger & perhaps more important, yet Drashek leaves sour & quivering feeling in pit of ones stomach, like drashek dosn’t taste great.

    Human language is evolving at rate that dragon Naturally speaking loseses its set of parameters after 4 months, as voice changes way it emphasies words. Memphazma, so to speak, in DRASHEK.

    Main point of drashek is to speak DRASHEK really lots, as many DRASHEKS as possible per unit time.


  2. thomasxstewart

    How RaShek Speak Is Decyphered:

    new computer model disproved claims made by some researchers, who argued over the years that the symbols discovered on vessels and other object – usually five to six characters long – were not even a language at all. The model showed that, when substituting a symbol from one line with another, the resulting image was far less likely, in percentages, to be part of the hypothetical language. “These results give us confidence that there is a clear underlying logic


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