Monthly Archives: August 2009

Is Dr Drashek a spoof?

YOU SEEK HIM here. You seek him there. But he’s always here, and he’s often everywhere. He is the dedicated follower of fashion, Dr Drashek.

We think he is a hack. Only because on his Defacebook page he describes himself as being born in 1908, and we all know what that was famous far, don’t we?

In the meantime, check out Joni Mitchell. And before.

One’s a cloud, three’s a matrix

AIRCRAFT VAPOUR trails are now a recognised cloud type and here’s a few in the sky above the Rose & Crown public house in Oxford.


Nearer Heathrow Airport, it gets far worse.


Dearie me day over at the INQUIRER

DEARIE, DEARIE me. Read the comments below this story on my old organ.

Only in Oxford. Only in Oxford

PLEASE FORGIVE me because this is not an edited video – it is a raw video. I heard the two saxophonists playing Bach when I was on my banal way to buy a ream of paper on the Cornmarket in Oxford.

I feared I’d missed them so the video starts looking at the pavement. It continues to take in a brief bit of music. On my way to buy paper, the saxophonists were playing Bach.

Only in Oxford.

Butterfly bush attracts, er butterflies

THE BUDDLEIA is blooming.  Here’s a brief video of the traffic. They all appear to be Small Tortoiseshells as in the I Ching line: “You let your magic tortoise go“.

Buddleia, can you spare a dime?

Explain this, someone