Vandals wreck my mate’s place

COLLEAGUE SAMANTHA ROSE HUNT was trying to get some piece and quiet today, but that was turned into chaos after an excavator dug the ground so violently that eight windows shattered. Lots of pieces, no peace.

She is not very happy about this, and has documented the vandalism at this Picasa place.

Said Samantha:  “That’s my broken windows all over my cute house.” She added that the great buffoon could not really explain what the heck was going on.

The company that caused the sound of breaking glass is Tennessee American Water. On its web site it says:  “It’s not always apparent just how far into our daily lives water reaches”.

Said Samantha: “It reached directly into my bedroom and broke my windows.”

2 responses to “Vandals wreck my mate’s place

  1. Hmmm… not that close to house, so I figure that window must have been old and fragile, plus the house foundation must have been somehow “coupled” to bedrock running under street at that point.

    Shrugs, what are you going to do, except file a claim against the water company and fix the window? Shite happens. Deal with it.

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