Randy Furr? You couldn’t make it up

YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP. And we didn’t.

2 responses to “Randy Furr? You couldn’t make it up

  1. thomasxstewart

    Hey-Mike & Company.
    Got This HOT Photo of Michael Jacksons’ Body. Notice Its NightTime, Contary To Published reports.
    Also, If You Enlarge It. Red gurny Turns Deep Glistening Blood Red. You Can Almost Feel Wet Blood. So Go Figure. IsIt Murder? Think So.

    Probably PEPSI Paid to Keep Catalog there Own, Not Letting michael Start OWN Catalog.



    Signed:Physician Tommy Tommy vondrashek M.D.

  2. thomasxstewart

    Correction. Looked at photo in 400% & its probably just color of Gurny. Yet It Is At Night. Hummmm.
    Weren’t You related To Michael Jackson, As You Both Have Same First Names?
    TS “Blamkie” vondrashek

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