The Robin fledgling is dead

I FOUND the body of the little Robin fledgling in my back yard yesterday. I feel quite cut up about it.

The Robin family in the ivy haven’t lost everything – there’s at least two more little robinistic creatures flying around and cheeping the cheep that means: “Parents, bring food!”

I’m quite amazed that any fledglings make it at all. Imagine being shoved out of your house by your mum and dad who then say to you, “Now fly!”. And then they have to, or they die.

2 responses to “The Robin fledgling is dead

  1. ““Now fly!”. And then they have to, or they die.”

    Isnt’ that how you did it with Spinola?

  2. thomasxstewart

    Mk-Its getting to You. when Youngster, Found Little Blue Jay & brought it into Home. Mom flipped. Yet took it to My room, When was asleep, got up to toilet & could smell Ungodly Stench of wild bird, ITS OVERWHELMING. While asleep again, Dad, Radiologist, Snuck into room & Broke Little birds Neck, I Threw it away in Mourning. It took some Time to realize Importance of My Fathers Action, ALL While reading Latin Phrases of LAST Rites. Yet, IT IS THAT IMPORTANT.

    Latter Skinned Mother, Treated Leather with Feathers Still on it & Wore IT At Parties.

    Now Heres MORE Important Subject: Murder of MICHAEL JACKSON. First LOOK At EXCLUSIVE Photo od Michael Jackson Dead Body:

    Notice its Nighttime & Blood on Coats of Fire rescue. Notice As Well BLOOD on gurny., Huge Bandages over Michaels Chest. Now Think of PRESS reaction. two Differnt worlds.

    michael Did Well Until Pepsi contract expired. Pepsi Burned Up Michaels Face to destroy Michaels future Value. Its russian Thing, To do.

    Michaels Life Was In Ruins For LONG time. When Getting Up from Pit of dispare, Michael gets More False publicity Then ?JFK. Whats Human To Do Amoung Brutes. THEY ARN’T STUPID. Nethier Are You.


    BTW Birds Live In Roosts, Without Enough Time In Temperate Climate To Form Roost, Birds Disapate In ALL Directions, Most DIe, Being Random Flight Over Ocean, Into Wrong direction or simply in Circles. Theres Nothing that Can Help Birds, Outside Equaltorial Region, Its Just Tough Luck To Be Bird & Short Live Animal. YET, Birds Can Fly, Maybe Your Captured By InToned Magic. Its NOT. NaDa.

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