Flash floods hit Oxford – sewage liberated hits streets

THE VERY ODD BBC Oxford reported that thunderstorms we had in North Oxford this afternoon hit the centre big time, with flash floods upsetting the applecarts in the Cornmarket and the High Street.

Sewage flowed, said the reporters on BBC Oxford, as the drains overflowed. Well, the Cornmarket is pedestrianised, and the High Street goes downward to the Isis. Perhaps the City Fathers of Oxford should not have got rid of the ancient buildings and replaced them with obnoxious 60s buildings.

Well, that’s what Colin Dextor, creator of Morse reckons in his books. And I cannot help but concur.

2 responses to “Flash floods hit Oxford – sewage liberated hits streets

  1. thomasxstewart

    Maybe “they” should of cleaned sewer drains last fall. Funny thing about sewage is that it is purified to point of being called Gray Water. Much cleaner than natural River water. Itd save bundle to clean water NO Greater than upstream river water & leave it at that. use saving to clean sewage drains & everybody be happy. Unless you sell caustic soda.

    drashek septian of city delight.

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