Another day, another bee, and Paul Hales

PAUL HALES was trying to burn my house down this morning when yet another bumble bee decided it wanted to be saved.

They always batter themselves insensible against the glass and look like they’re close to death, poor things.

Eventually I found it, and, yet again, said bumble bee did a little jig to orient itself and off she flew.

Off Hales flew too, right into the maze that is Oxford’s one way traffic system. I couldn’t rescue him. Even seven hours later he might still be trying to orient himself.

4 responses to “Another day, another bee, and Paul Hales

  1. Stir up the intrigue, gents. It’s fascinating to watch.

    Mike, has anyone told you that the TG Daily logo is bloody horrible? Good web site though so I spose the priorities are right.

  2. thomasxstewart

    mAYBE tHOSE bEES aRE fROM sATURDAY nIGHT lIVE. Think of Lost talent, Buzzing About. ShekSher Would Be Aghast.\

    Sounds Like Hit & RUM. Maybe Pauls in Oxford Medical School right Now. Room For One Mor.gue. hahaha


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