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Vandals wreck my mate’s place

COLLEAGUE SAMANTHA ROSE HUNT was trying to get some piece and quiet today, but that was turned into chaos after an excavator dug the ground so violently that eight windows shattered. Lots of pieces, no peace.

She is not very happy about this, and has documented the vandalism at this Picasa place.

Said Samantha:  “That’s my broken windows all over my cute house.” She added that the great buffoon could not really explain what the heck was going on.

The company that caused the sound of breaking glass is Tennessee American Water. On its web site it says:  “It’s not always apparent just how far into our daily lives water reaches”.

Said Samantha: “It reached directly into my bedroom and broke my windows.”

Randy Furr? You couldn’t make it up

YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP. And we didn’t.

The Robin fledgling is dead

I FOUND the body of the little Robin fledgling in my back yard yesterday. I feel quite cut up about it.

The Robin family in the ivy haven’t lost everything – there’s at least two more little robinistic creatures flying around and cheeping the cheep that means: “Parents, bring food!”

I’m quite amazed that any fledglings make it at all. Imagine being shoved out of your house by your mum and dad who then say to you, “Now fly!”. And then they have to, or they die.

Culture clubs around my yard

IT’S A LOVELY little street, North Parade – and today was the day of the summer fair, complete with Morris dancers, a string quartet, and shops and stalls along the street.

This string quartet before was a particular delight, with the four young but very accomplished players entertaining passers-by and yours truly. Pictured in the back, behind them and next to a face painting table is Andrew, genial landlord of the very nice Rose and Crown pub, just down the street.


The second view, down the street towards Banbury Road, shows on the right the very nice Italian restaurant, Luna Caprese, while in the distance you can see a couple of Morris dancers doing what comes naturally – that is drinking pints. Near the dancers, on the right, is the rather lovely Town Garden. North Parade really is an oasis in what’s otherwise a mix of large houses and colleges between St Giles and Summertown. I fell on my feet here – two pubs just yards from a thirsty Mad Mike.


 Not pictured is the bouncy castle for the kids, at the other end of the street, nor the other pub we have here, the Gardeners Arms. The guys were working hard to set it all up when I popped out for a newspaper earlier on today.  There’s something on the Wiki about North Parade – here.

Robins fledge – a living nightmare

I WAS TRYING to work for TG Daily today but when I went out into my little back garden space a strange sight awaited me.

This little fledgling, probably a bit up more in intelligence than a bee, was gazing at me, wondering what was going to happen to it.

I hadn’t a clue myself – the Robin fledgling – and by the way the European Robin is way different from the American Robin – seemed to be dashing its brains in my little back area, trying to fledge.

The birds must just have fledged today. The parent were tirelessly and unceasingly trying to persuade the kids to flee the nest. Every time there was a little cheep, one of the parents came up with a tidbit to attempt to persuade it to fly.

Naturally a small mammal like me didn’t make things easier, crashing around as I did. I wish I’d videoed the sequence. Eventually the one trapped fledgling managed to get over the garden wall. But it won’t stop tweeting. Ah yes, Twitter. And twittering.

With a bit of luck, the Robin family will all fledge. There are few katz in this part of Oxford. The tigers were all killed by the ubergraduates.

Robins are way harder to rescue than bees, because relatively speaking they have higher intelligence. Probably more intelligence than humans. Must be tough to have been shoved out of the nest to make your own way in the world!

Flash floods hit Oxford – sewage liberated hits streets

THE VERY ODD BBC Oxford reported that thunderstorms we had in North Oxford this afternoon hit the centre big time, with flash floods upsetting the applecarts in the Cornmarket and the High Street.

Sewage flowed, said the reporters on BBC Oxford, as the drains overflowed. Well, the Cornmarket is pedestrianised, and the High Street goes downward to the Isis. Perhaps the City Fathers of Oxford should not have got rid of the ancient buildings and replaced them with obnoxious 60s buildings.

Well, that’s what Colin Dextor, creator of Morse reckons in his books. And I cannot help but concur.