Daily Archives: May 20, 2009

Love is like a Bumble Bee

BEEN A WHILE since I wrote on this here bog. I have been too busy with TG Daily and stuff to “post” stuff, as they say beyond these shores. It is still May in Oxford.

Oxford continues to amaze. Yesterday I had the kitchen door open and I saw a Bumble Bee fly into the kitchen. Had a quick dekko, but thought the pollinating one had the sense to fly out.

No such luck. Coming down to the kitchen this morning, I saw the poor woebegone on the kitchen window, feebly twitching one antenna and a leg.

I carefully picked her up with an envelope – the workers are always she so have stings – and put her into the path of the Sun.

In 30 seconds, she’d warmed up. She turned first left, first right and then left again. The Sun had warmed her and off she flew to pollinate again.

Now was this a mercy?  Worker Bumble Bees have about a three week life span. But they are cheery souls, and happily work without reward, apart from the energy nectar they drink when they collect pollen for the beehive.

Unlike wasps. Who also labour for sugar, but are natural born killers.