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Strange creatures spotted in Oxford

OXFORD IN MAY is well weird, as you saw from a previous pasting I did.

In late May, it gets even weirder, with people dressed up like drag acts and some actually wearing bowler hats which went out with the end of the Second World War, AFAIK.

What are these strange creatures crossing the road? Are they bees, birds, flies, fauna or what?

No, they are part of the exclusive club that is Oxford, pictured near the Sheldonian (sic).


Deborah, my bee, returns to me, maybe

THE DAY after I rescued a humble bee that had flown into my abode, I went out to see whether, whether, my bee had returned to me.

She had. She hadn’t been inside the house but she was flagging. I lifted her up on a holly leaf and put her in the way of the Sun – the upar wala. A few minutes later Deborah flew away.

I haven’t seen her for days. Has Deborah the Bee abandoned me? Lovely Deborah, Deborah. Oh that’s a song. And I am just mad about saffron.

Love is like a Bumble Bee

BEEN A WHILE since I wrote on this here bog. I have been too busy with TG Daily and stuff to “post” stuff, as they say beyond these shores. It is still May in Oxford.

Oxford continues to amaze. Yesterday I had the kitchen door open and I saw a Bumble Bee fly into the kitchen. Had a quick dekko, but thought the pollinating one had the sense to fly out.

No such luck. Coming down to the kitchen this morning, I saw the poor woebegone on the kitchen window, feebly twitching one antenna and a leg.

I carefully picked her up with an envelope – the workers are always she so have stings – and put her into the path of the Sun.

In 30 seconds, she’d warmed up. She turned first left, first right and then left again. The Sun had warmed her and off she flew to pollinate again.

Now was this a mercy?  Worker Bumble Bees have about a three week life span. But they are cheery souls, and happily work without reward, apart from the energy nectar they drink when they collect pollen for the beehive.

Unlike wasps. Who also labour for sugar, but are natural born killers.

Strange May 1st stuff happens on Oxford street

OXFORD, 1 May 2009.  Outside the Rose and Crown pub in North Parade some strange and very Englishe stuff is happening today.

The street is decked out with streamers and an audience takes note of people dressed in gaudy colours and one even appearing to be a tree. Because it’s May Day, that’s why. What’s going to happen in the video below? Well the tree is going to stand around a bit, the Morris Dancers are going to get a drink, and pretty soon they’ll start waving handkerchiefs.

Here’s some stills.