Daily Archives: March 30, 2009

Channel 4 finds itself in sex-porn-cosmetics quandary

INTERESTING PROGRAMME on Channel Four tonight – contrasting the difference between sex education and pornography.

The lass presenting the prog made the valid  point that all women are different and that breasts are there to provide milk for babies. Her case was somewhat undermined by the adverts that interrupted the dialogues. For example, in the second break, there was an advert for Five Star Legs for Women that gets virtually every hair, to the tune of “I am your Venus”.

The first ad break talked of “satin like skin”. And then we had the Lindt Gold Bunny.  There was talk a while back of Channel 4 being absorbed by the BBC so it could become a public service broadcasting channel. This programme demonstrated the wisdom of such a move. Advertising always subverts journalism. Δ

Oxford: a city of screaming squires

QUITE A PLACE of contrast, Oxford is.

On the one hand you have the dons and the dreaming spires – although many of them are not very dreamy in my opinion. On the other you have masses of tourists flooding in and hogging the streets. And thirteenthly, you have the locals, who must wonder what it’s all about.

Here’s some snaps of different faces of Oxford. And we haven’t seen a single cat all the time we’ve been here. And few other quadrupeds either. I guess the lack of cats accounts for the large number of song birds that insist daylight saving time doesn’t exist.


Some pagan festival or other…

A warning to you all!

Another sort of pagan festival in Oxford