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I’M SORRY to say the great Indian experiment is over. Metaplume, the BVI company, has written to me and the other freelancers as well as the Indian staff to say that because of the economic climate, we’re all terminated.

So on to the next big adventure. What will that be? ♥

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  1. Sorry to hear this Mike :-(

    I am sure you will be back with something even better soon :-)

  2. Know the feeling and am running out of cash. Still there’s a million ideas out there.

  3. Mike;

    I think you should create YouTube channels for people like me, channels that can display/promote products/services, provide tutorials for how to use someone’s wares, etc..

    Pretty soon TVs will be able to give us access to the net. I know someone who really needs a YouTube channel for promotion and tutorials!

  4. Sorry to hear this Mike!

  5. mike- sad to hear it went south on you….buy your own gd bw…try to go semi redundant at least…get more solar panels and have a mini fund to continually up the ante (linked to rev from green and solar stories)….
    uh …in short go and copy fudzilla
    keep it simple and a bit more practical and less ‘inciscive’ than the current reg and inq

    get one or two or three main geeks , the usual suspects…..relax and get a site up and running within 2 weeks…and in 6 weeks you will be live and back in the ballgame.

    also …once things are going take a vacation for a mo or two

    that is it…I am up to the usual hacking a fonera with openwrt….trying to configure a wifi bridge—it is possible!

    ok splash out, shep

  6. Hi Mike,

    ditto myself and a friend. Hang in there, there are more erags to be writen and the morrow is a new day. All the very best in all things. :-)

  7. Mike, your mistake was trying to outsource your wit. To wit, there is but one source; that’s you.

    I have to confess, I completely ignored this last endeavour of yours. It weren’t my cup of tea.

    The only Indian writing I’ve an appetite for is Rushdie, and that’s probably because of all the Lea & Perrins®.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to your next project. There is a whole new generation of IT leaders that need a thorough razzing.

  8. Er, this one’s not dead yet, Mike….

    Was pleased to see and back up today with current content. Were you recently successful on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’? : ) It looks like ‘it is written’ after all…are these still your endeavours?

  9. thomasxstewart

    Went to IT.Examiner & Its Running, Day to Day. heres cut: Sunday, 5 April 2009 00:41 UK
    also theres link now to sister publication theNEWS at bottom. Mike Could Use Magnets for Fingers. “Mike Magee, Charity Publisher”.BTW Todays IT news is} ati new Artifical Intelligence into Havok engine.


  10. I wasn’t aware of the relationship with MetaPlume, and the digital content creation role of ITE and TN.
    “Our experienced team of writers, journalists, and editors turn raw, unformed ideas and dry product specifications into compelling stories and documents that boost awareness of your company’s products and services. In addition to English language copywriting, we can also create or translate written content in simplified and traditional Chinese and leading European languages.

    From a company annual report or technical white paper to an informative article on how to use your product or a creative new advertising slogan, MetaPlume has the experience, creativity and expertise to meet your copywriting requirements. ”

    Couldn’t you start things on your own, running independent, writing for some daily in UK to balance your bank account?

  11. sorry, my mistake, the javascript date is correct but the content is now a historical record.

    “Journalists these days are frightened little rabbits told to print or pixellate press releases and taught not to challenge power and vested interests. We will prove that journalism is not dead and that readers want strong journalism and not wishy-washy pap dictated to them by multiple vested interests. We don’t follow the news, we make The News.”

    Keep moving, you’re on the right track here, Mike.

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