Holi festival goes off without an ‘itch

KRISHNA, KAMADEVA and Radha-Krishna as well as Kamadevi had a ball in India today. Radha is the spouse of Krishna, just as Kamadevi is Kamadeva’s lass. Kamadeva means “Lord of Lust” and so Kamadevi is the “Lordess of Lust” too.

Today is the festival of colours where people throw “powders” at each other.

Of course, in ancient times, the “colours” were the white of semen and the red of menses, as people had a jolly holiday and wed each other without prelates or clerics to preside over them.

But the sexual implications of the Holi festival are lost now, because it’s all about powders it seems. Not about love.

One response to “Holi festival goes off without an ‘itch

  1. thomasxstewart

    People Still Go To Powder room. Powdering Ones Face is Sign of royalty, Use Lilac. However, In Todays World Woman Marchs off To Hospitol to Give birth, Womb, Vaginia & Ovaries removed. Maybe Its HOMEBIRTH, that Husband Can Perform To Show MatriMonial respect, At least your Wife Would Survie Intack. Kid, Caught Money Game, Unfortunately. In Sense Celebration Acknowledges Useless Of Starting Family, When Baby Switching Is Encouraged By Large Sophisticated Groups.
    PS: Take 8 gms daily of Vit C for few weeks to disolve out chills of India.



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