Goodbye China Rose, goodbye Bangalore

I HEAD BACK to the UK very soon, and so say farewell to the 100 Feet Road. The last week here was incredibly hot and that’s the pattern for a while yet. The Gulmohars, the trees with purple flowers and the trees with yellow flowers are blossoming. And so is the China Rose just outside the apartment. Goodbye Bangalore! I go back to Britain to a somewhat uncertain future. But that’s the case for anyone these days, isn’t it? The future is uncertain.  ♦


4 responses to “Goodbye China Rose, goodbye Bangalore

  1. Back to Britain?!?! Well, Mike, keep writing. We do read it all.

  2. That looks close to a hibiscus of some sort

  3. Uncertain future? What happened to The News gig?


  4. madmikemagee

    Jobless? Nah. The News gig continues

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