How to re-invent journalism

TOM FOREMSKI at Silicon Valley Watcher, came up with some interesting ideas in the last few days on how newspapers can be re-invented.

Foremski, formerly a correspondent for the Financial Times, lit out on his own a few years ago to do his own thing, and we’ve had several interesting conversations since then about the future of journalism.

He makes the very valid point that if newspapers generate a lot of you can only read it here material, there’s more likelihood that people will read it, and therefore people will pay for it. That’s my idea with The News, which will start generating much more original content from now on, and also have opinions on a myriad things.

He has a number of ideas which chime with mine, and other ideas which I confess I hadn’t thought about.

One point on which we’re fully agreed is that journalists should not just sit in their ivory towers, but go out into their local communities. I believe there’s a million stories out there, and plenty to photograph and to comment here. It’s not too late to prevent journalism becoming a corpse.

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