The News goes live

I HAVEN’T had much time to update this blog recently, and the reason is because I’ve been working on a new site, The News, which officially goes live today. This will be a global news site, with some team members in Bangalore and others spattered throughout the world.  We’re trying to create news with something of an edge, and will aim to do original stories, in conjunction with some news feeds. There’s a press release about it, here. (There’s some coverage of it in the UK Press Gazette, here.)

5 responses to “The News goes live

  1. Awesome! I’ve put a bookmark right next the drudge link on my toolbar.

  2. thomasxstewart

    Need Stories That Are Original or Aboriginale, E.g. Where Flames Are HOtEST, HOOPFlamBastro. Finally, Flying,Flaming Hoop FlamBastro. With THE Deluxe Dancers As Ensemble, On Fire, of Course!. On With THEFlame. EveryWhere Drashek

  3. Sooooo,

    Everything is revealed. Well best of luck for this new venture. I’ll be reading you, as ever. If you need anyone based in Japan to feed you clear, incisive comment ……cough. Give me a bell. *)

  4. I’d like to see more accents, phrases and puns in there. Wake up the world + dog. Although Bangalore hacks have been concise, I like pitches with pitch.

  5. two words say so much- woven bacon.

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