So Intel’s Craig Barrett is off

I SEE from both the IT Examiner and The News that Craig Barrett has decided to retire.

Barrett was a master of process, but not particularly good at marketing. His wife is already well known in her own right. The family is obviously well connected.

But he is a courteous guy. I once asked an Intel  man called Yu a question and he turned a little nasty. Barrett is a kind of diplomat.  He said: “I think what Albert Yu meant…”

A gentleman and a dude farmer and good fisherman.

4 responses to “So Intel’s Craig Barrett is off

  1. thomasxstewart

    Barrett or variations like Barnett are name that is BIG in Orlando, Fl. Why? Because One of US Bigest Banking groups is Barrett Bank. or was that Barnett or something close, its all same.Craig Started in 1974, Boy thats OLD. Obivious next step would be: Kidnapping Chartered Semiconductors Engineers or Become Independent consultant.

    Ahso, theres plenty of readers here, Paul Kantner, Everywhere, Fernando, Rick Wagoner, Carla florina & Ultee’, ALL Make Mix worthwhile. Sometimes Charlie Even Commentos.


  2. Albert Yu runs on two clock speeds: He works in real time, but he thinks three years into the future.

  3. Please don’t go and forgetting Karlsbad, doctor. He may go all von Dreshak on you?-)

  4. thanks you so much for this post!!!

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