BT’s latest iniquity emerges

I WAS WAITING in for the gas man today – the gas man did not cometh – but a special delivery tipped up through the post.

It was a special delivery from British Telecom, that firm has decided I need very special advice to set up my BT Broadband in Oxford.

Sorry, not a very good sunset tonight in Oxford for my loyal one  reader, Doctor Drashek.

(Picture above, right now,  from left to right: Charlie Demerjian from the INQster [see no evil], Rupert Goodwin  [hear no evil], and a man from Intel [speak no evil] who can’t stop laughing – picture taken near  the special cigarette factory Mao-tse Tung used to have). Cigarette smoking in public places was banned in Taiwan on the 15th of January this year.

3 responses to “BT’s latest iniquity emerges

  1. Hasn’t the Drashek script given up yet?

    Nice pic of the other fellows

  2. thomasxstewart

    Why theINQ is OK. It is Small & Personable, Msr. Magee is Far sighted & Since Thanksgiving I am replacing My Own Blood with formaldIhyde, AKA RedRocket. Thats Why moving to fair shorse of City of Alexandria to be with Rhinos. Not Next Month, March’9. After ALLO These years, Internet is Control, that I’m NOT Sure I’d write for One Reader, Yet if its Written in theINQ, I will try someStyle of reply. After all its same stories over & over. Apparently I Don’t Mind Replying for One writer. MIKE-Have You Ever Tried HOOPING? Its Gas & You Could trade Places With EveryWhere.HeHeHeHeheeee.Oh,My. Psy-Collogiatee’ ist & Potential Collegian.Take Wrapping Paper For Major.


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