Mahaballipuram is a delight

THE PICTURE ON THE HEADER above is part of a delightful relief to be found in the rocks at Mahaballipuram. It’s not far from Chennai (Madras).

Just a short walk away from here is the so-called “Sea Temple” – the dreadful tsunami a few years back revealed that there are many more temples under the waves.

Here’s the full pic of the Mahaballipuram relief, if you’re interested.  I particularly like the expressions on the faces of the elephants, as they nurture the elephant calf below.


One response to “Mahaballipuram is a delight

  1. thomasxstewart

    EYE, So Mk, You’ve aMassed Army in Quest of Great White, Maddness of Chase, I Think NOT, Just Lack of Theotoicalsupervision. There Was NO Captain Thaine, Sold Out for Small, Yet Pretty Penny.

    Oh,Did You See Hm Men,DisYouSee HHump, Like Great Snow Hill. Did You See Way HeESH Slither ‘dAlong. O Theres’ Majesty for You.

    Don’t Look. Isle Look For You.
    Did You See Lances in HiS Back? My Lances, NineStruckin Years Ago.

    For Hates Sake, Eye Spit My Last Breathe At Thee.



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