Everything must go in UK sales

SHOPS IN THE UK were panicking before Yuletide because nobody seemed to be buying anything. Quite a few started sales well before The Day of Turkey Nemesis in Blighty. And then came the after-Christmas sales. Everything must go. The level of nervousness in the High Street is palpable. When I bought a book from a chain the other day, I said is it true everything must go? The lass at the counter looked nervous and said “I haven’t heard anything about everything”.

Unfortunately, the period of tinsel brings with it a large amount of indigestion in the shape of the cold and long January which inevitably seems to attract bills.

It’s very cold here in Blighty at the moment, while the pundits are predicting that as many as 600,000 jobs may be lost during 2009. No one knows where it’s going to end.  A Happy Hogmanay to ye all! Hic! ♥

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  1. Its Not Over Till Its Over, So heres My New Double Hooper Hogamany:


    Notice Simularity to EveryWheres Run, Thats’ Two in One special Part. Launch yourself into 2009, Feet First!

    Date: Thursday 1 January, Venue: High Street (The Royal Mile),

    O.K.? Heres Link Directly to Hogs Head Executioner:


  2. Hey Mike Have You ever been in Hall of Mirrors, where theres ten thousand Balding old men, all same reflection, heres thought for Out There:
    Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – Swindon

    Also Heres link to Photos of Your Show, it Must of Been FUN.


    Now I Hope Your relaize that Duke of Edinburgh award Costs mere Shilling or 1/8 of Pence, yet Photos, Who Bouy,….


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