They paved paradise, everything went quiet

THE DOMLUR ROAD in Old Bangalore was unusually quiet today because without any apparent warning, the tarmarketeers started paving both lanes of this busy little road.

Those who live in this road found themselves engulfed by modern technology assisted by old fashioned technology known as many human workers. In one day they managed to pave both lanes, but that didn’t stop people riding down the still wet tarmac.

The sound quality of the vid above is desperately bad – sorry about that. But the wonder that is India still remains. Many people were marooned – rather imprisoned by the unannounced tarmarketeering, because there are still many people live in this area. On the right of the vid you can see the office building going up in place of a  perfectly good house complete with coconut tree and little tulsi shrine.  The motor bikes you can see were forcibly uplifted onto the pavement by workers in case the tar baby embraced them in its grip of treacle.

We saw people crossing the road, finding themselves in the middle and having to move fast, because any delay would mean they would be rooted to the spot. Here’s a still.


Today I had my first chance to ride in the electric Reva car on the 100 Feet Road which was really quite groovy. The driver, a senior editorial man, said it can do 50 kph, the charge lasts for four hours, and you can plug it into your home to re-charge it.   The Reva web site linked above overeggs its performance a bit. It is a little expensive at Rs 400,000 (four lakhs), but on the other hand it’s as quiet as a church mouse, unlike the rest of the vehicles on the 100 Feet Road apart from bicycles and bullocks.

I’m headed back to Blighty early tomorrow. There aren’t many electric cars in the UK – yet. I can’t yet see that petrol cars will be fossils for some time to come, what with the declining price of gas and that.

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  1. yep yep
    pls post trly quoata (sic0 on silicon on the roof…is amortiaztion rate getting any closer? maybe some time soon mike the fabs will be making similar progress to cpu/gpu land where it seems they adhere to moore’s law with religious zealotry to such an extent it almost seems mysterious. maybe somebody will kick the solar industry right in the nuts actually…that would seem most appropriate. ok well tipping point is out there- when we actually get there is going to take some time and determination i guess- i know it is catching on here but we do need economies of scale to push everything over the hump at least initially and then time should take care of the rest.
    well that is the xmas rant- the global recession will last another two years at least so go contrarian if you dare. jack welch said it best- get out of the pile!
    ok wishing you a super 2009….
    the buddha

  2. I said it on e-mail, but I repeat it here in case the e-mail got lost along the way…

    I wish you a super yuletide, Mad..

  3. Hey-Mike. Try to Have City Council Place Barrells of Bird Feathers on Tar Truck, To help Glamourize wandering around on HOT Tar. You Must Admit that Lady Wandering about Be Much happier in ALL White Chicken Feathers After Roll In tar.
    Just Tell Em Drashek Requested it. Kills Parasites’ Too.

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