Learn how to lean like Pisa, a Babel

HERE’S A SIGN fixed to the side of a tree here in Indiranagar. The Institute is actually on the second floor of the same office as the IT Examiner. And it doesn’t teach leaning, as far as we know.


2 responses to “Learn how to lean like Pisa, a Babel

  1. hubbub organizing and cleaning here, getting all gifts before the snow hits.
    finally more widespread 2 ghz kit is out.
    I am officially fat boy sitting on a fence- lots of cash but in between ticks and tocks.
    disk i/o is my main enemy as far as i can tell, I am going to build a htpc/file server and then maybe cheap server nehalem and then ram it up…it looks like it is going to take a while. i am going to do a raid5 and then run sys off raid0 that i image reg.
    to more tangible thing- fudzilla and now theexaminer continue to dominate theinq- all point well taken there- i wholeheartily agree. all i would add is more hw articles and real world implementations etc

  2. Hmm…could it be a matrix marketing co.? I heard there were riots shortly ago in S. America when some pyramidal MLM went belly up. Watch out!

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