INQUIRER gets redesigned

A READER stumbled across the fact that the INQ  – you remember, I started it, has a cool new redesign.

It is here, right now.  It’s certainly slightly different from the old design, but bears some resemblance to Ye Rogister.  Not that the INQ ever bore any resemblance to the Rogister, oh no.  

One response to “INQUIRER gets redesigned

  1. thomasxstewart

    In Blink of eye, Like Opium Addict, I shiver & painfully await next Fix of theINQ. El Numero Uno ?, Commentos. OMG, Have “They” Eaten ALL Commentos? Hahaha, ahhhhhh. Pirates Fear water & from Both sides of Lant, On ALL Sides of Earth, Till thee Sputs Black Blood & Rolls Flat Out Dead…..theINQ Saves Day.

    Also on Wiii. Song:”You Really Shouldn’t Go Where Wind Don’t Blow….”Netbook Gun might be only solution. Except their worse than Great White. Its all about why I Love theINQ colours.
    Black on White Surronded by dep Red.


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