Zeppelin spotted on 43rd Wave, San Francisco

CURIOUS THINGS were in the air in San Francisco on Sunday.  A large Zeppelin cruised over the houses on the way down to the ocean. 


Stranger things were to follow. Just close to Golden Gate Park,  we spotted some mysterious Dakini writing inside a glass of beer. What can this all mean? [Too many beers? Ed.]  ♣ 


4 responses to “Zeppelin spotted on 43rd Wave, San Francisco

  1. totalDakotanProphetUltee'

    Secret Words from Prophet are fun amusing way to kept people intrested. E.G. word Reverand isn’t in English dictionaries, its Budhist term of sureender to greater & often misaligned power. Yet why does Protestantism complain so much? when world stays relatively same?

    Intrest, always have new complaint or idea. Just being nerd isn’t enough & people quickly quit intrest in that boring person.

    So special letters, prophets & easternism all spark new intrest in dull day.

    Lately I read, What Bore Ultee’_Prophet is after years of commentos. Yet this script started with Vista Ultimate program Beta test by invite. it was new, Now crowd cheers for more.

    Well package sent to myself from microsoft had processor with pin missing, defective reads onscreen, Main where only 3 of 4 memory slots work, reducing ddr2 800 to ddr 400 & Vista Ultimate was corrupted by doubleClick in first day.

    So speak as Prophet does, its still crusty swampy gig. Not much was done to correct any of Ultimate64 problems, still & times are very slowly moving from 32 bit xp home base. Yet it is fun to have just hint of inside dub. Same with special letters. Private Knowledge.

    On other hand Liam Proven sold me computer case that was defective 5 years ago, liam proven claims to be nearly standard of excellence everywhere, refused to replace $700 unit & shipped 10,000 machines to US. Where plenty of online retailers quit over one crummy model(Shorted Front USB BuiltIn). I mention it occassionly, what i get back from liam proven is to never post in theINQ again, Liam Proven claims to own theINQ completely, I have email with those exact words from liam proven.Reveand? I Guess.

    selling Computers thats just crude & actually stupid, inflict Harm Fool. Who cares about people whom are actually completely wrong. Not mystical thing, just You Cann’t Stop Me & won’t accept reasponibility thing. It too stops boredom, yet shows how little control internet can provide its users. I’d find that quit night over sanskrit much more intrersting, even if bogus, at least its not robery.


  2. I don’t know Mike but I swear I think I saw you peel left to the Upper Class section of Virgin flying back from San Francisco on Sunday – was that you or had I had too much beer?

  3. Yeah, it was me Justin. You should have given me a yell

  4. I would have had I seen you and my brain had responded at the speed of my eyes but by the time I’d got off the plane you’d skedaddled. Hopefully catch up with you in India early next year and hope you’re avoiding the troubles.

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