Daily Archives: November 17, 2008

Pariah don’t carey in Ole San Fran

MANY OF the literate readers of this bogette will have heard of Typhoid Mary. Here, in San Francisco, they are so worried infections might spread that the city has turned that fear into a cult, seems to me.

As this picture testifies. Infect me not is a strange piece of syntax, but virii don’t listen to humans’ virtuous tones, nor to the imperative tense, so we suspect if there is a huge influenza pandemic, there will be little to do except grit your teeth and deck a bottle or three of the finest Indian single malt.


Would you like this man to fiddle with your drains?

IT’S A SIMPLE question. The phone number is there. The beer next to that advert is called Tecate, rhymes with Hecate. So yes or no. No maybes.