God bless the Manzanita, the Madrone and the trolley bus

I FIND MYSELF in Ole San Francisco, where you find plants such as the Madrone, and the lovely little Manzanita.

You also find exotic little items such as trolley buses and trams, which were common in Old Blighty until the mid 1960s but are now rarer than hen’s teeth. The pic on the header is nothing to do with San Francisco, it is of Bhairava, from a statue in the British Museum. Ancient treasures are everywhere.

Trolley bus corner Presidio Ave, California

Trolley bus corner Presidio Ave, California

2 responses to “God bless the Manzanita, the Madrone and the trolley bus

  1. Hey-Mike, How About Getting Medical Marihuana Card from Some Coop in Oakland? Also, taking Haight trolly to PanHandle Park Area, at end of haight St.,maybe see Christmas Past.
    Some of My Most Current Memorable events took place near Presidio Park at End of Haight in 1991.How events do follow day to next path.
    Theres Columbarium for Visitors & Mort Sci Univ in area,too.Warfs Sometimes have forgein Dod Vessels & openings. Just North is Home of Hollywood Directors, Marin County. While Brandon St Warehouses have Studios from Beat Sound.Ahso, You Visiting Jennifer Anderson at U.C.Oakland?, its near Subway.Everywhere Be So Thrilled, PrePare To Hoop, if that be Sheesishes Lair.
    . Silicon Valley Just South of SF.


  2. – mike nice trippy entry
    can you hear the heartbeat of IT nirvana there? I somehow suspect you can- pls give us reportage on fauna and anything cool hwwise- be it a chumby, fusion io card, just anything showing up…and one last thing- grab your slack and slack the hell out of it!

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